This is your opportunity to glean a strong and comprehensive insight into the Book of Revelation. In this DVD, Dr. Ed Hindson takes what many believe to be a complicated and complex book of the Bible and makes it exciting and easy to understand. And the entire study is only one hour! Included is a beautiful 72-page study guide of Dr. Hindson’s amazing overview of Revelation.

7 Key Summary Points are Covered —

  • The Preface—an introduction;
  • The Proclamation—letters to the seven churches;
  • The Problem—the seven seals and judgments;
  • The Process—how the judgments are dispensed and the seven trumpets;
  • The Players—the participants in this end times drama;
  • The Plagues—the divine wrath of God;
  • The Postscript—the Millennial Kingdom and the New Jerusalem.

What You Will Receive

  • DVD — Understanding Revelation In One Hour
  • A beautiful 72-page study guide that will lead you through Dr. Hindson’s amazing overview of Revelation

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